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About FRACTAL FiLL – Dj Phill Archer

I Try and excel at what I do

with dedication experience understanding and ambition and above all patience

realisation through experience & Understanding


Over the last 30 years, I have been Involved in Promoting Psytrance, as a DJ – Producer – Promoter – Events Organiser and Radio Presenter

How it all began

FRACTAl FiLL started out in York (UK) as a Bedroom Vinyl Dj late 80’s early 90´s I got into the Rave culture found my home in Techno music for a year or so. Played out a lot mostly in Bars and Events and Pirate Radio. Got invited to a Psytrance event by a promoter and found it was totally amazing and I knew instantly I had found my home


Tribal GatheringPsytrance has now reached global appeal and the Psy scene has been growing and growing more Events and Festivals and Parties year after year,  people are shocked it has been around so long and has become mainstream underground music and has outlived many mainstream music fads, from the early days and born from the roots GOA Trance. Psy has just as many under the banner call Psy Trance.

Maybe one day it will take its rightful place as a pure music genre, without losing the essence of what it is. not just the Rave or Ecstacy culture  or so called drug culture music.  Where people understand that it is spiritually uplifting and Enlightening and a true form of expression and opens your synaptic pathways

UK Life

Universe Big LoveWhen I was living in the UK,  We regularly went to Leeds, London, Manchester, Sheffield, Brighton, Newcastle, all over the UK and Europe,  Over the years I have worked at many Clubs / Festivals and Parties thru out the UK and all parts of Europe.

Enjoying the ever-growing Psytrance scene and its growing audience of true followers. Traveling to events like The Tribal Gathering’s, Big Love, all major Universe events, Mean Fiddler Events, and Mega Dog, they push the scene and boundaries of Events.

Seeing  new concepts and news ideas,  Its shows me how events we’re involving  with the use of  Sound and light and UV Decor, being immersed in a new reality, Forcing us to take on the challenge of our own events, evaluating how well structured our club nights and Free Party Events.

In Mid 90’s I started Promoting Clubs night with my Life long friend Mick Soma with Implant showcasing Psytrance and Acid Techno


We Started other monthly night called ” Psychosis ” and ” Integration ( Hermetic Synergy ) ” which were Fullon Psy Trance Flouro Nights, They became very popular and ran for many years. at many venues across the UK. 

Myself and  Mick Soma and crew, started promoting with free party scene and small festivals running many events in the  Forests and warehouse parties, underground Car Parks, anywhere we could without getting too much interest from the Police.

Worked within Pirate Radio for a few years in the UK, well because pirate radio is illegal in the Uk “allegedly I worked ” honest gov was not me

Left the Uk in May 2000 to live in Tenerife Spain – after feeling burnt out with life in the UK, Working in IT during the week and weekends Living another life which became a life I loved more then weekday life,  need a change a fresh approach, It was the hardest decision I ever had to make leaving my friends and the music scene.


Tenerife Life


Worked as KISS Tenerife, and I was invited to join the Crew as a Presenter and started  The UnderGround Club Zone Radio Show.
The UnderGround Club Zone Psytrance Radio Show Is a weekly full-on 2 hours Psy Trance radio show bringing you the best Newest Cutting Edge Psytrance on the Planet, Every week a different show, with the best UnderGround Psy Trance music
The UnderGround Club Zone brings you new artists and new tracks, white Labels and demo´s and from all genres, Full on, dark, progressive, Goa, Morning, Psy breaks, Dub, and more, With chat, News and information on Parties &  Events regarding what’s going on in the Psy Trance World…
It is a very unique show, bringing you the very best Psytrance Live – broadcasting to the world on a weekly basis, working  with radio station such as  – Kiss FM Tenerife  –  Discover Radio UK – Real Dance Radio UK – DubConcepts Radio – UK – Fuze Digital Radio Australia – UnderGround Womp Fm USA – Psymusic  UK – Radio Three UK
Started with a new direction launched  – Reef Fm Tenerife – The Biggest Urban and Dance Station in the Canary Islands, broadcasting many styles of music – EDM, Techno, House, Trance, Psytrance, Funk, and many more.
We have most of the top big named DJs from across the planet, doing weekly shows for us, People like Armin van Buuren,  Adam Beyer,  Nicky Romero,  Eats Everything,  Kryder,  Ferry Corsten,  Erick Morillo,  Roger Sanchez,  Hardwell,  the list goes on.
Launched DMT- FM  –  A full-on 24/7 Psytrance Radio Station  – Bringing the best from the Underground Club Scene, Hard cutting edge music for the new generation of  Psytrancers, taking the best stylings from  Psytrance Goa, Progressive, Breakbeat, House, Techno even DnB and evolving the music. 
DJ´s who can take the best from these and many styles and genres, helping to energize and allow the music to grow and breathe and live,  slowly mutating the style and form into Psychedelic Trance. Then with a little help from some electro gizmos and gurus with a bucket load of talent and foresight.
Start of Covid DMT-FM Launched its 1st Live Streaming Event across the World with Headliners 
” JUNO REACTOR ” & ” TALAMASCA ” Was a massive global success
Bio Hazard Live DMT-FM


With the Covid situation, things have been very quiet over the last 2 years

I have been concentrating on my health and  DMT-FM and Producing my radio shows on a weekly basis.

Also Planning my Future Building and launching this new website and closing the door on a few older projects.


A Busy Year with My Mental Health and Spine Issues, We all have problems hiding them helps nobody.

DMT-FM Brand is growing rapidly with New Shows and Talented DJs

Back into Production mode, Learning Psytrance Production with Ableton Live Suite

Full Music creation, with no premade samples or patches.

Hopefully releasing some new Tracks in late 2023 and early 2024

Then progressing to a New Album release in late 2024

and the Launch of Psy Fractal Productions Record Label

August had a visit from my friend Aqua from Australia, so we did a livestream 



Whats Going on in 2023

May All Your dreams come true

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Weekly Events


Every Week New Mixes and Videos

The UnderGround Club Zone Psytrance Radio Show hosted by FRACTAL Fill / DJ Phill Archer Live DMT-FM Psytrance 24/7 Online  Sunday Morning 2am – 4am