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Events & Booking Info

Events & Gigs

The Underground Club Zone Radio Shows

Every Sundays  Morning  02:00 – 04:00 

Live on  DMT-FM   –  The UnderGround Club Zone Psytrance Radio Show

Streamed Live on TwitchYoutubeFacebookTwitter Plus Many More Platforms


Clubs & Festivals


I am Available in 2023 for Bookings, Festivals, Clubs 

Charity Events, Guest Radio Mixes 

  Please   Contact Me

Check for Covid & Travel Restrictions & Control

The UnderGround Club Zone 3 hrs Special


BIO HAZARD LIVE - 28th March 2020

Booking InFo

If you are interested in Booking  FRACTAL FiLL

I am Available for Club  /  Festival  /  Charity Events  /   Radio Mixes or Other Events,

Even Short Notice Gigs to cover Event  Problems 

– Contant Here –  

UK Industry Contracts and Rate´s of Payment Apply

How much do we charge?

It varies. Most gig fees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. However, if you’re looking for MU recommended minimum rates. 

Payment Scale: – Casual Stage rate and a National Gig rate. 

Things to consider when Booking:
  • Written confirmation of the terms of the gig ensures both sides know what is expected e.g., what time to arrive and how much you’re going to get paid etc. Without written evidence of the contracted terms, if a problem arises, recovering your fee is made far more difficult. The MU Regional teams assist members in fee recovery.
  • Contracts: I advise a standard contract L2 Hiring a  DJ musician ( a printable version )   
  • To the venue or booker that there is no agreed booking until the contract is signed by both parties.
  • Necessary for the booker to sign an MU contract, I recommend sending a letter/e-mail from them confirming the booking and including details of the date, time, and place. Here is a Specimen Letter is a simple way of getting the important details of a booking confirmed in writing.